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Admission qualification


1)A candidate may be admitted to the first year of three-year of three-year B.A. (Honours/General/Major) Courses of Studies on passing Higher Secondary (10+2) Examination in General or Vocational Stream examination conducted by other State Board/Council or Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya or National Open School recognized by the Distant Learning Council subject to fulfillment of the conditions mentioned below :

In case of other Boards/Councils, a candidate shall have to pass in five recognized subjects, which one shall be English, of full marks not been less than 100 each. A candidate passing in four subjects shall not be eligible for admission.

Candidates passing Higher Secondary examination from vocational stream conducted by the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education or any other equivalent Board/Council are eligible of admission in General and Major courses provided that the candidate must have passed in 5 (five) recognized subjects, of which one shall be English, in the previous qualifiying examination.

2. Candidate should be allowed for admission within 3 (three) consecutive
academic sessions including the year of passing the previous qualifiying
examination.(For example : candidates passing H.S. Examination in the year 2011 will get last chance of admission in the academic session 2013-2014

3. A candidate taking up Honours Course in a Subject must have obtained :
i) A minimum of 45% marks in aggregate and 55% marks in the subject or
related subject at the previous qualifying examination.


ii) 50% marks in aggregate and 45% marks in the subject or related subject
at the previous qualifying examination.


iii) 55% marks in aggregate when the candidate has not studied the subject
or related subject in his/her previous qualifying examination provided all other
clauses are satisfied (especially Rule 5).

3.(a) However, candidates belonging to the Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe
Community taking up Honours Course of Study shall enjoy 5% relaxation in marks in (i), (ii) & (iii) above, as the case many be.
Explanation :
i) Aggregate means the sum of marks of best scored five (5) subjects excluding compulsory Environmental Education/Environmental Science/ Environmental Studies.

ii) While calculating such aggregate full marks of each such subject will be
scaled down to 100 wherever needed.

4.a) Admission will be strictly on the basis of merit. Merit will be prepared
uniformly on the basis of the following criteria :
i) In case of Honours Courses : Aggregate (as per previous explanation)
plus the marks obtained in the subject in which he/she intends to take up honours or related subject. However, students who avail themselves of the Rule 3(III) will not get the benefit of ‘related subject’ ii) In case of Major and General course : Merit list will be prepared on the basis of aggregate.

4.b) For admission to Honours course complete list of all applicants according to merit to be published at the first instance and admission be done preferably through counseling in accordance with the intake capacity.

4.c) For admission to Major and General courses list of applicants in order of
merit to be published in accordance with the intake capacity.

5. Division of Honours and General Subject :
i) Humanities :
Bengali, English, Education, History, Philosophy, Political Science,
Physical Education, Sanskrit, Arabic
A candidate taking up Honours Course for B.A. Degree shall study –
i) Honours in any one subject of the Humanities Division and other two
subjects in the General courses taking at least one from the Humanities Division.
ii) Two Compulsory languages. [Bengali & English]
iii) Environmental Studies.


6. A candidate taking up General Course for B.A. Degree shall study –

i) Any three subjects from the Humanities Division. But two
languages (Bengali & English) is not taken together. The students of
Physical Education is not taken education as combination.

ii) Two Compulsory languages. (Bengali & English)
iii) Environmental Studies.

7. Candidate may be allowed to change subject/stream/course in their first
year of study, subject to approved intake capacities and various clauses of these rules, by the Principals of respective colleges before submission of Registration Form to the University. No change will be entertained after submission or Registration Form.

8. Re-enrolment in the 1     /2 /3  Year Classes : st nd rd
If a student completes regular course of study for B.A. Part-I/II/III Honours/
General/ Major examination but for any reason fails to enroll himself/herself for the Part-I/II/III examination, he/she shall be required to re-enrol himself/herself in the 1 /2 /3  year class respectively in the following session within 15 days from the st nd rd last date of admission for regular studies of the class. However, not more than one chance of such re-enrolment shall be allowed for a candidate. The college authorities must get such students enrolled for examination within two months of  their re-enrolment in class.

9. Provisional Enrolment in the 2/3  year classes : nd rd Candidate appearing at Part-I/II examinations shall be enrolled provisionally in the 2 /3  year classes respectively within 15 days from the date of nd rd completion of the said examinations, failing which such candidates shall not be enrolled on any subsequent dates and they shall be deemed to have discontinued study.

10. Admission on Transfer :

If a student has been admitted to a college, he/she shall not, except as
otherwise provided in the Ordinances, be subsequently admitted to any other
college without the production of a Transfer Certificate from the Principal of the
college in which he/she studies last.
A student admitted to a college, shall not ordinarily be allowed to take transfer to any other college except at the end of the academic year.
If an application for transfer is made at any time, other than at the end of an
academic year, on the found of (a) transfer of the parent or guardian of the student from the station at which the college is situated, or (b) desirability of a climate or station on the ground of health supported by proper medical evidence, or (c) any other sufficient reason, the Principal may grant the transfer.

Admission on Transfer should abide by the following stipulations

i) A candidate taking transfer from one college to another is required to
pursue the same course of study with identical subject combination in both the
ii) Admission on transfer must not violate the approved intake of the course
concernec of the college granting admission. Only in cases of wards of
Government employees who have been transferred, a relaxation of intake may be granted with the permission of the Vice-Chancellor.
iii) Cases of admission on transfer must be intimated in writing to the
University authority by the college admitting such candidates within a fortnight of such admission but for which such admission of transfer will not be recognized.
iv) All other steps and procedures related to transfer will be in accordance
with the provisions of the Ordinance.

Objective of the college


Hazi A.K Khan College (established in 2008) is the fulfillment of a long cherished desire of the philanthropic and education aspiring people of Hariharpara and its adjoining areas. Hariharpara area lies near to Berhampore, the district headquarter but furthest from the illumination of modern education. The area predominantly inhabited by Muslim minority and other marginal people. The advanced educative part of the people marched in the way towards establishing a College of their own by forming a society named ‘Hariharpara Unnayan Bikash ‘O’ Shiksha Prasar Samity’. After so many turmoiling chapter, the College was sanctioned by the Government of West Bengal and was affiliated to the University of Kalyani. The College has been named after the name of Late Hazi Abdul Kader Khan, the doner of the land of this College unfortunately he could not see this College in his life time. But his unfulfilled dream has come to reality and the Hazi A.K Khan College started functioning since 8th September, 2008 being housed temporarily at the premises of Hariharpara High School. The College is now functioning at its own building. Though contribution of innumerable number of doner of the area is no less significant, the College building has been possible out of generous grant from the MLA Local Area Development Fund of Mr. Insar Ali Biswas, MLA, Hariharpara. We expect similar grant from the M.P in future.





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